I’ve started up this blog. And by blog, I mean innumerable social media channels that are nowadays required when you want to start up a blog. 

 All these and more....

All these and more....

Along with the website, I now have ten additional channels to broadcast items. I read I should not only push posts to my own Facebook account. I should also publish on a dedicated Blogweiser Facebook page. Got it, check. For pictures, there was a dilemma about Instagram vs. Pinterest. Why not go with both, I decided. The search-unoptimized send only to a personal Google+ account. The optimized do so to a dedicated Google+ business page as well. When Tumblr presented itself as an option, I'd already said yes to all the other guys. It was unfair to leave only them out.

So now I’ve got channels in the double-digits, ready and waiting to broadcast. I hope I have things to say.


The list (so far):
-Facebook – personal
-Facebook – Blogweiser page
-LinkedIn – personal
-LinkedIn – Blogweiser page
-Google+ – personal
-Google+ – Blogweiser page