Blogweiser is very professional

Blogweiser is a very professional person. But he doesn’t want to be too stiff or unapproachable. With such complex character, a key question is whether Blogweiser invites people into his LinkedIn or Facebook network. Choosing wrong = awkward. 

 But where?

But where?

Like inviting your mom into LinkedIn. Is this the way to go? It’s of course not good to be seen with old people in professional circles. But what does it say about a person if he doesn’t have his mom in his corner?

Or a friend from work. A person with whom coffee-machine conversation has moved from gossiping about other colleagues to sharing deep, personal views on the lives of celebrities. This person may be ready to make the switch into Facebook. But then you’ve crossed the line into friend from acquaintance. The morning after, coffee-machine conversation can be strained.

Some say if it’s work-related, LinkedIn. Outside of work, Facebook. But what if someone you know personally has a flashy job and title? You want to have that person in your professional network to show off to others, right? To boast that you know the high-rollers, even if that high-roller was your next-door neighbor when you were five and only accepted your invite because you added her mom.

More dilemmas - the other parents at your daycare. Are these friends or contacts? Old classmates? The babysitter?

It’s all very confusing. This is why Blogweiser invites everybody to everything. Fingers are crossed on the mom invites.