Don't want to know

by Joel Sherwood

You maybe can't blog about Scandinavia without talking about sticker shock from prices. And I don't think you can call yourself Blogweiser without saying something about beer, can you? So I now put the two subjects together.

Pretty steep

Pretty steep

Beer prices. Today I paid 58 crowns for one at a restaurant. This is nearly $9 or over 5 pounds at current exchange rates. More than a decade paying these prices and it still feels high. This price is by no means expensive for the region though. I've paid much more in the past. Will do so in the future. I should probably even consider myself lucky in Sweden. In Norway and Denmark, I think you really get taken, right?

I know there's a level where it's just too pricey to feel good about buying a beer on a sunny Thursday evening. I hope to never discover where that level is.