World Cup time

The World Cup starts today. The majority of the universe will now once again unite in adoring a great game and in hoping that the defense-minded, dominant German team doesn't win it.  

For me, it's time to face more foreign interrogation on why Americans call the game "soccer" and why it is that we, the U.S., punch below our global weight in this so-called "soccer" game. I say we probably struggle because we focus on other sports that don't have people rolling around on the grass in fake agony after tripping over a shoelace. This reply has never gotten a laugh here.

 Trying to generate excitement

Trying to generate excitement

An American friend of mine texted and said: "Might be fun to get together and watch England World Cup games." This sums up anticipation for the U.S. team, which is in the tournament too. The U.S. is usually decent but we don't generate much excitement or support. We've brought in a foreign head coach to help, but it turns out he's German.

I'm not a big soccer fan, but I love the World Cup. More than the Olympics. In the Olympics, I end up watching a bunch of sports I have no idea how to play. With the World Cup, I can sit back for a month and completely focus on just one beautiful sport I have no clue about. Go Germany!