Beer in jail


I read there was an American who started up a brewery in Västervik, Sweden. I'm a brew-loving American here in Sweden, and I've been going to Västervik for years on long weekends and holidays. The article captured my attention.

Reading on, I learned the brewery is in a former prison in the center of town, and is named Bryggeri Fängelset. Translation: Prison Brewery. An American. Starting up a brewery. In Sweden. In a jail. I instantly admired this guy. I couldn't wait to find out more.

We got a chance to pay a visit last weekend. We met Kevin Zelnio, Bryggeri Fängelset's founder and brewmaster. (Is there any better title than Brewmaster?) The girls climbed on malt bags and sampled some grains of malt. I sampled a few beer varieties. Those teasers made me want to dive headfirst into the large vats for more. I fought off that urge, and we had a nice, respectable afternoon.

Maybe the only thing better than the brewery's products is its name and location. It offers the perfect cover for staying out past when you said you would be home. See the instructional video to learn how. No need to thank me. Thank Kevin!