Cat out of the bag

Some people saved lives this week. Others fought for humans rights. With this blog, we strove for justice in a story about a cat.

The Telegraph told me its cat story has been changed. The story now has The Local as a source, and a link to The Local's cat tale.

 Photo from The Telegraph

Photo from The Telegraph

So the cat is out of the bag: as suspected, a big UK paper failed to mention it took parts of a story it published from a smaller (but rising) news site in Sweden.

But I see a couple cool things in this. The first is with The Telegraph. They didn't have to answer me and they didn't have to update their story. I think it was big of them to do both.

The other cool thing is with blogs. Big blogs get their voices heard. But this is not a big one (yet!), and we were able get a media company to be a bit more ethical. Beloved readers: never doubt that we can accomplish what we want to accomplish on stories about household animals.