Freedom of the blog

I’ve been looking for angles to cover immigration tension in Europe. I’m an immigrant in Europe, and nationalism is simmering everywhere. Yesterday’s shootings in Paris made me reluctant to keep pursuing the topic. Too dangerous to write about. But that reaction feels wrong.

It feels as wrong to let extremism hinder 'freedom of the blog' as it is to let it prevent freedom of the press. Even for a small-time, largely unfollowed blogger in far-away Sweden, like me.

I remember I was nervous in September when I did a spoof on Sweden’s far-right party. I’m nervous about most stories I post. You never know how they'll be received. Yesterday's event reminds me I should be more worried feeling I can't post at all.

There are fears the shootings will stir up Islamophobia.  I'm nervous saying Islamophobia and the steady advance of anti-immigration politics in Europe look equally as dangerous as cartoonist killers.  But I'm glad I can say it.