by Joel Sherwood

My sister was in Florida. Staying at a house in a respectable neighborhood. A friend of hers arrived and said he'd seen something strange. Could she come and take a look?

They drove a few blocks, turned down a quiet street, and slowed in front of a house. Surrounding the house were turkey vultures. On the garage. In the yard. On the roof. In trees.

No other house around had a single vulture. It was just the one, which had dozens. They counted 28. 

My sister and her friend reported the house to a neighbourhood security guard, who contacted the residence. A man at the house claimed to have no idea why 28 creatures that eat the dead would be perched outside his door. 

The next day my sister was out driving again. She turned down the same street, slowed in front of the house and took a look. All the vultures were gone. 

I've been thinking about that story lately. I'm getting into the Halloween spirit. 

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