Super Bowl in Sweden. Love hurts.

We watched the Super Bowl yesterday. The game starts around midnight here, and I watch with a group of friends. I got a message before game time from a friend who said he couldn't make it. I thought: what a shame. What a shame the others don't also cancel so I can go to bed.

It's a love/hate thing with the Super Bowl. I love the game. And I love that there are sports bars in Sweden airing the game in the middle of the night. I feel a patriotic duty to support this kind of undertaking.

But it hurts. It hurt to leave home and head out into a cold, dark Sunday night. There was suffering when I went to bed at 5am and when I got up at 7am. I felt pretty bad at the office before I got some coffee in me, and I felt pretty bad after. 

So this is what it's like to watch the Super Bowl from Sweden. It's about love, sacrifice, and hoping for more friends who will cancel on me before game time.